Learn How to Become a Good Writer and Have a Steadfast Career

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit” _ Richard Bach

Nothing comes easy. We all have to work hard in order to achieve success. Being an amateur, you have to be consistent and passionate while writing. If you are the one who wants to learn how to become a good writer then you must be focused. You may not finish your writing in one go because writing is an on-again-off-again process. It’s a long tough grind with a lot of amendments.

If you want the world to listen to your words, then keep on reading to know about tips for writing a book.  


Think about the topic you want to write about. Select the genre, whether it is a fiction or a non-fiction book. Set the table of contents and then break each chapter into sections as beginning, middle, and end. Focus on the current section you are working on otherwise it will get complicated for you to write.

Maintain the Wordcount

Sometimes we forget how long our writing could go. Always keep the word count in mind while you start writing. For example, the length of the article will be shorter than a novel. Build energy by having a precise daily word count goal that will keep you focused so you won’t get tired.

Set timer

 “your mind is not a Storage device” _ David Allen

Let’s say you forget about writing while you were working on something else. You become tired and will skip writing that will cause you to delay. Make a schedule so you don’t forget when to write. Stick to your writing daily by setting up a timer so you don’t have to worry about when to write. 

Accept the failure

You may have written some masterpiece in your head, but it will not look like one to the people reading it. Life is complicated, so our minds. Everyone perceives life differently, so learn to accept another person’s points of view as well. Nothing is perfect so embrace failure and learn how to better than before.

Write with Actuality

Just write with authenticity when writing an article. Mention the evidence-based advice that should be your own experience. Well, a 17-or the 18-year-old person telling a story about life long experiences doesn’t make sense, right? Becoming a good writer demands clarity in writings as well. The person should have a clear understanding of the topic while reading it.

The internet provides various kinds of resources that can make you better at submissions. You can get the idea for the topic from their blogs to enhance your writing skills. Moreover, there are also resources present with free grammar and punctuation checkers to correct mistakes in your writings. It will give you an idea of how to use figures, metaphors, or hyphens in your writing. There are also several podcasts available on these platforms to help you become more careful with your work.

Well, if you want to gain publicity and attention to your writings then try to write short stories and poetry. You can also enter free writing competitions on various online platforms. It’s better to focus on the quality of your writing rather than the quantity before submitting it. Different websites provide online courses on becoming a good writer and help their members with professional training and advice on the go. They provide online job opportunities for their members as well. It may be hard to kickstart a writing career. Keep these points in mind and hit the spot in the right direction. And best of luck in your endeavours.

Becoming a published author doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hustle, determination, and plenty of sleepless nights to structure a story. But if you’re willing to put in the hard work, your dream of publishing a book can come true.

Sometimes, you feel like a boiling pot. That’s because you’ve been cooking a story up and it bubbles and rolls just below the surface of your mind, waiting to burst forth into a bestseller for an eager audience. It’s always been your dream to be a famous author and that could happen, but there’s work to do first.

A guide on how to get your book published

Every writer has a dream of becoming a published author. Many are living their dreams but some are still struggling to be published. How to publish a book in one common question amongst the upcoming authors. Many are stuck at how to find the best way to get their book published. Many are struggling to find a publishing house. There are any authors out there who are unaware of the reasons for why should they even get published? If you are one of those author and looking for answers than this blog is the best guide for you.

Here are 12 reasons why you should publish your book

1. You are a writer

The only reason one writes is so that people can read what they have written. If you write a story and decide to not publish it than there is no point of writing a story and spending countless amount of time thinking and planning for it. If you are spending time and effort in writing and plotting a story it is unjust to not publish it and let people read it. Every writer’s goal is to get published so do not stop yourself from publishing your writing.

2. Share your story

Every writer has their own unique way of thinking. Every writer plans and execute in their own style. Even if two writers are asked to write a story on the same topic and same situation the end stories of both the writers would be different. That’s the ability a human mind has. And every human’s mind is different. So, if you write your story you have to publish your own book so the word can read your story. You can also share your personal experiences through writing and motivate others. Publishing your book helps you spread your word and reach masses.

3. Something to Show

If you keep writing and do not publish your own book people will not believe that you are a writer. People believe what they see. No matter how good of a writer you are and how many pieces of writings you have finished but if you haven’t published any of them, they are in vain. Once you have published your own book you will have a proof that you are a writer and people will recognize you for your writing

4. Accomplish a challenge

Publishing takes a lot of effort. It is a challenge. If you with an intent that you are not going to publish it later you are not going to improve your writing skill. Once you have a set goal that you will publish your work you will put in more effort as you cannot afford a sloppy story to be published. That will improve your writing ability and you will overcome the short coming in your stories before even going to the editorial stage. So, publishing a book challenges you to be a better writer.

5. A prestigious career option

Writing is one of the most prestigious and respected profession to exist. The published writers get praised across the globe for their piece of work. So, if you want to enjoy that glory and want the world to remember you, you should get your book published.

6. You will stop making excuses

Often when you write without the end goal of publishing it you become lazy and stay stuck for ages at the same plot. But once you have set your goal of publishing your work you will work hard and push the limits to get your work done. Publishing a book is a like working under pressure to get things done and get it out in the world. So, you will refrain from makes excuses and get more work done.

7. Make Money

Like any other profession writing also pays off well to the authors. But to get paid you have to get published first. If you do not publish your book and it sits in your cabinet it is not going to benefit you. If you want to turn your story into a revenue you need to publish it first.

8. Become next best seller

Have you ever wondered how does a book or an author become a best seller? That is because the author of the best seller do not just write the book and keep It aside. They get it published and spread it across for people to read. Then people make it a best seller. So, if you want your story to be the best seller, finish it, and get it published.

9. Documentation

If you think you have a unique idea or thought and you think your ideas are beneficial for the society the best thing you can do is to write them down so people can take advantage from it. Many researches from past are lost because they were not properly written and published. If you are a thinker than you have a philanthropic responsibility. Through publishing your data is documented and can be used for the generations to come.

10. Create your brand

You can be a brand yourself. If you are expert in a specific field you can start writing as an expert and get it published. Writing is not confined to just story writing. Writing gives you are platform to share your expertise and thoughts with the world. A published piece of writing weighs more than the words of mouth.

11. Writing for therapy and inspiration

Writing is a therapy. Sometimes we go through a phase that no remedy deems to work. In that case writing your feelings down on the paper and penning down your experiences can help you overcome your struggles. There are many people out in the world that might be suffering same like you. So, if you are writing your own story get it published and it can be an inspiration to many out there and can act as their therapy as well.

12. Voice against social injustice

Daily we see stuff happening around us that we feel is unjust. Writing gives you a platform to bring reforms in the society. You can raise your voice against anything that you feel is wrong. Writing has power and you can use this power to bring change. You can inspire other and they can be a part of your cause. But all this is possible if you get stuff written and published.

Above are some of the key reasons why one writer should get their work published.

But are you a writer struggling to find the best book publishers? Are you unaware of how to find a publisher to publish your book? Or do you have the question of how to get your book published?

This blog will guide you how to get your book published and by the end of the blog you would be able to publish your own book.

Finding book publishers is a risky task. As a writer you would want to get your book published by the best publishing house with no errors in the editing and the marketing of the book. So, while looking for a publisher you should keep few things in mind. Firstly, are those publishers registered? Do they provide editorial services? Do they have the capability to provide you the graphics and illustration facility? Do they market your book and if they do is that one time or they push hard to boost your book sale?

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Austin Macauley Publishers

Austin Macauley has made it easier for the writers to achieve their dream of becoming published. Their one step manuscript submission makes the process faster and you do not have to wait for months before getting an answer from them. If you are an author and have already completed your manuscript, all you have to do is to submit your manuscript to them. It is that simple. And the next thing you will notice is that you are a published author.

So, what are you waiting for? Submit your manuscript today and become a published author.

What is Science Fiction and Types of Science Fiction?

The term often abbreviated as “sci-fi,” is another genre of fiction where the content is not only imaginary though are also specific to scientific in nature. The storyline is based on theories, principles, and facts about science, subsiding its theme, setting, character, and story.

The reason that the real and true science terms and nature is the main theme of these stories, rather than being fiction, these stories are still actually possible or at least credible.

From its early development in until the late 1800s till date, sci-fi fantasy literature has not lost its popularity, in fact, has gained it through time. We have at Austin Macauley, a large number of popular and best-selling sci-fi books published in-house. With each technological science progression, the genre is gaining more population.

Types Of Science Fiction

  • Hard Science Fiction

This particular type in this genre religiously follows the principles and facts of science. Scientific rules and nature of science in astronomy, astrophysics, physics, and chemistry are merely focused. 

The plots for these stories are generally written by real-world scientists. In these writings, these scientists have often made predictions about the future which are both accurate and inaccurate.

  • Soft Science Fiction

Soft science fiction has a mere emphasis on social sciences, including sociology, anthropology, politics, and psychology. Generally, all the disciplines of science that include human behavior.

Practically, the sci-fi genre practices the combination of both hard and soft science fiction in its stories. While hard sci-fi adjoins real scientific evidence to these stories to make them sound real and practical, Soft sci-fi allows audiences to associate an emotional level to the storyline.

Connecting the story to the reader on two levels is definitely a better technique.


With a seemingly unending amount of subs, some of them are listed here;

  • Time Travel
  • Apocalyptic
  • Utopian/Dystopian
  • Alternate History
  • Space Opera
  • Military Science Fiction

Importance of Sci-Fi

Using science fiction enables the writer to transform real scientific theories into full sci-fi novels and stories. Though imagined, these stories contain theories that are actually also possible. These stories are flooded with truths and concrete facts about science containing certain importance to it, including:

  • Suggesting What Could Really Happen In The Future,
  • To Explore What Could Happen If Definite Events Or Circumstances Came To Be, Or
  • Put forward the Consequences of Technological and Scientific Advancements and Innovation.

With increasing popularity particularly after its large representation in big screens, it has been a greatly popular and fascinating genre for the audiences as well as the readers at large.

Science fiction is a genre of imagination and innovation yet of great possibility. Authors who are willing to join these two worlds of fictional stories to the vast milieu of sci-fi are more than welcome to drop your Science fiction manuscripts with us , we are accepting them now at Austin Macauley.

Young Adult Fiction – Protagonist, Plot, YA Genres And Tropes In YA Fiction

Young Adult fiction literature is generally published for young readers. However, it is not the precise practice to define or restrict a form of art to a particular age group, though generally, this genre is written focusing on the age group of 12 to 18 years old. Any literature written for readers beneath 12 years is classified as Children’s literature. At Austin Macauley, we have an array of all these books in both categories to choose from.

The basic two elements that define and give recognition to this genre is the state of affairs the protagonist has been put into and the unswerving course of the plot.


Young adult books contain the lead role of the age between 12-18 years. It a universal practice, not a rule and this are how it progresses. For YA novels, the young protagonist is the closest link that readers develop in no time. For the young reader, it is easier to connect with the young lead more quickly and strongly. The young YA protagonist fashions the broad framework by placing expectations and restrictions in the storyline.

The emotional weight and impact that everybody goes through in their teen days are what the YA fiction novels are built around.

The young characters in YA books are seen ascertaining and bashing boundaries to discover themselves throughout their journey.


A 12-18-year-old, propelling the story and the world and actions it has been architected in, is what makes it an engaging plot.

The clear difference between the genres will be made obvious where an emotional weight will burden the teen and warp the story. The storyline of this genres moves much quicker than other genres of fiction. The twists are abrupt and the things are always directing on the edge of turmoil.

The emotional position in which the plot instills with the teen protagonist defines the genre, not just the mere age of the bibliophile.

The YA fiction is everything from emotional to bitter truthful to intensity.

Tropes In YA Fiction

The flaw that circles unstoppable over this genre is its reliance on tropes. This sole genre of fiction is a definite guilty of overusing tropes. The few tops are listed here.

  • The Chosen One
  • The Love Triangle
  • I’m Different From Other Girls

YA Genres

Young adult novels overlap with many different genres owning its own tropes and faces. Among a few popular are:

  • Fantasy
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Fairy Tale Retellings
  • Paranormal
  • Dystopian
  • Science Fiction-Based
  • Fantasy-Based
  • End Of The World
  • Contemporary
  • Romance/Relationship-Based
  • Coming-Of-Age
  • Magical Realism
  • Romance/Relationship-Based
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Steampunk
  • Graphic Novels/Manga
  • Epistolary Novels

If this is your favorite fiction genre than remember, the significance of writing YA fiction is to gear up and put your thoughts on the paper. You can always go through your manuscripts again to reach all those necessary elements and sent them to us. Austin Macauley is accepting manuscripts and we are willing to bring out your book next.